Review: Best Cologne Segway Tour

Updated on September 4, 2023  


Looking to explore Cologne but tired of long, tiring walks?

You're not alone. As a seasoned traveler, I too have found conventional tours exhausting and time-consuming, leading me to discover Segway tours in this beautiful city.

This blog is your guide on how to enjoy the breathtaking sights of Cologne's landmarks like the stunning Cologne Cathedral or the vibrant Rheinauhafen without breaking a sweat.

Stick around if you're ready for an unforgettable experience!

Best Cologne Segway Tour: City Highlights Segway Tour

When my in-laws came to visit, I booked this Segway tour for them and they absolutely loved. 

This tour is a fantastic way to see both the old and modern landmarks of Cologne, all without the need to walk. And you have more freedom to move around compared to a bus tour or boat tour!

The comfortable Segway ride offers a comfy way to get a special view of the city's culture and history. You'll glide by cool spots like Rheinpark and Rheinauhafen with a nice guide by your side.

They say you don't need any Segway skills beforehand, and it's true. My mother-in-law got a speedy lesson at the beginning of the tour, and before you knew it, she was happily cruising around on her own.


They said the highlight of their trip was undoubtedly crossing the Hohenzollern Bridge, and taking in the magnificent sights of River Rhine.

This Segway tour offers free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance alongside flexible payment options – something truly beneficial for those (like me) who prefer keeping their travel plans adaptable in these uncertain times.

However, they do have certain restrictions regarding participant weight limits and health conditions so make sure you consider these before booking your spot!

Overall, I highly recommend experiencing Cologne with this exceptional Segway tour.


  • Convenient and enjoyable way to explore Cologne's landmarks
  • Skip the crowds and traffic by taking a Segway ride
  • No upfront payment required; pay on the day of the tour
  • Explore the city's highlights in just 2 hours
  • Small group size for a more personalized experience


  • Potential risk of accidents or injuries while riding a segway.
  • Not suitable for those with mobility issues or difficulties balancing on a segway.
  • Limited interaction with locals and the opportunity to experience local culture compared to other tour options.

Benefits of Segway Tours

A Segway is a motorized, self-balancing vehicle that serves as a personal transporter. With two wheels at the sides and handlebars to steer, it's an electric scooter designed for stand-up riding.

Just lean forward to move ahead and lean back to reverse - it's all about balance! Segways offer not only fun but also efficient transportation for sightseeing and urban exploration tasks.


Using a Segway on your tour has numerous benefits. This mobility device allows you to cover larger areas faster than walking, making it an excellent choice for guided tours.

More ground coverage means more sights in less time! From quaint streets to sprawling parks, nothing escapes your itinerary while on a Segway tour.

Moreover, as they are electric and zero-emission vehicles, they promote eco-friendly travel. [1]

Not just that; the total cost of ownership of using Segways for touring purposes remains relatively low due to their durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Overview of the Cologne Segway Tour

Exploring Cologne's Landmarks and Attractions

Get ready to soak in the city of Cologne on a Segway. This tour zips around iconic landmarks like Cologne Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture that towers above the rooftops of the city.

You'll get up close and personal with its stunning facades and intricate details as your trusty two-wheeled companion whisks you from sight to sight.