10 Best St Pauli And Reeperbahn Tours In Hamburg

Updated on January 27, 2024  

best hamburg reeperbahn tours

Looking to make the most of your time in Hamburg? Check out the best St Pauli and Reeperbahn Tours in the city. These tours offer a no-nonsense way to explore the vibrant districts, providing an authentic experience of St Pauli and Reeperbahn, two of Hamburg's most iconic and lively neighborhoods. Whether you're into nightlife or history, these tours have something for everyone.

Top St Pauli and Reeperbahn Tours in Hamburg


red light district germany

Sex and Crime in St. Pauli Tour for Ages 18+

  • Best St. Pauli Tour
  • 2 alcoholic drinks included


drag queens

In the Footsteps of "Olivia" Reeperbahn Tour

  • Best Hamburg Drag Queen Tour
  • Learn about Germany's most famous Drag Queen



CSI St. Pauli - Crime Scene St. Pauli

  • Most Fun Red Light District Tour
  • Solve crimes in the famous St. Pauli district

1. Sex and Crime in St. Pauli Tour for Ages 18+

Step into the heart of Hamburg's notorious nightlife with the "Sex and Crime in St. Pauli Tour". It's a real eye-opener, taking you through the district's most infamous spots like "Zur Ritze" bar.

Here's where legends are more than tall tales; they're as real as the boxing gloves hung on the wall in that famous basement gym. Imagine standing where heavyweight champions shaped their careers! The tour doesn't shy away from darker tales either – there’s a story behind every shadowy corner.

red light district germany

This walk is jam-packed with exclusive insights only locals usually whisper about. You'll learn about the power struggles within gangs like Nutella and GMBH and get to grips with how St. Pauli ticks under its glittering surface.

Sure, it’s gritty stuff – but let’s face it, that’s what makes this tour stand out among Hamburg experiences! You’re not just passing by; you become part of St. Pauli for one unforgettable night.

We've picked this as our top pick because it truly encapsulates everything St. Pauli offers: mystery, history, and a dash of wildness that only adults can appreciate fully.

From sipping a cold drink in “Zur Ritze” to ducking into Herbertstrasse or unlocking secrets of local crime syndicates – this is an unfiltered dive into what makes St. Pauli tick.

And remember: What happens in St. Pauli stays in St.Pauli... unless you decide to tell those back home about your thrilling nighttime adventure!


  • Explore the famous “Zur Ritze” bar
  • Gain exclusive insider knowledge about St. Pauli
  • Discover intriguing stories about Herbertstrasse, Davidwache, Jack the Ripper in Hamburg, and more
  • Visit the basement boxing club where Mike Tyson and the Klitschko brothers have trained
  • Not suitable for underage participants
  • May not be suitable for individuals uncomfortable with adult themes and environments
  • Participants with limited mobility may find the walking tour challenging

2. St. Pauli Highlights Guided Tour with Beer for 18+

Dive into Hamburg's lively St. Pauli district with a guided tour meant for the bold and the curious.

You’ll walk through storied streets where every corner buzzes with history, led by an expert guide who knows all of St. Pauli’s secrets—this isn't just any stroll; it’s a deep dive into one of Germany’s most electric neighborhoods.

This guided adventure gives you two full hours to soak in sights like the Reeperbahn, while your guide fills each step with tales that bring the pavement beneath your feet to life.

red light district neon lights

Enjoy flexibility with free cancellation up to 24 hours before—you won’t lose a dime if plans change at the last minute! Plus, there’s no need to pay right away; reserve your spot and pay later, keeping travel stress off your back.

Ranked No. 2 on our list because it mixes culture-rich storytelling with fun—weave past Herbertstraße, take in stories at Spielbudenplatz or snap pictures by Davidwache Police Station without missing out on enjoying local drinks included in your tour fee.

With private group options available and guides fluent in English and German, this experience personalizes discovery—a perfect blend of learning and leisure set against St. Pauli's unforgettable backdrop.


  • Exclusive private group experience for up to 10 participants
  • Complimentary local specialty drink and shot included in the package
  • Enjoy a 2 - hour guided tour in English or German with a live tour guide
  • Visit iconic spots like Dancing Towers, Beatles Square, and where famous personalities have met.


  • Limited availability for private group tours
  • Some historical sites may have restricted access at certain times
  • Participants under 18 not permitted due to the beer component

3. In the Footsteps of "Olivia" Reeperbahn Tour

Step into the colorful world of Hamburg's St. Pauli nightlife with the "In the Footsteps of 'Olivia'" Reeperbahn Tour.

As you wander through this bustling district, your guide spills secrets and shares laughs about Germany's most loved drag queen, Olivia. [1] This is no ordinary walk; it's a deep dive into local culture and history.

drag queens

Don't worry about rigid plans—you've got freedom here! Cancel for free up to 24 hours before or book now and pay later if you're still figuring things out. The tour groups are cozy, capping at 10 people, keeping it personal and intimate.

English or German? Pick your guide's language and set off on a two-hour journey that ends with a special drink from the area plus an extra shot, just for fun.

This particular tour slides into third place because it nails what makes St Pauli tick—entertainment mixed with authenticity.

It gives you more than just sightseeing; it offers cultural insights handed to you by someone who knows their stuff while still making sure everyone has a good time. Remember though, this isn't an Olivia-led adventure—it's her essence crafted by expert locals tuned in to every corner of Reeperbahn life.


  • Explore Hamburg's famous Reeperbahn district with a live guide who speaks English or German
  • Enjoy a 2 - hour guided walking tour, including one drink and one shot to taste local flavors
    Visit top sights like Beatles - Platz, Olivia Jones Bar, and more on a carefully planned itinerary


  • Limited languages – The tour's only in English and German.
  • Only 2 hours

4. Reeperbahn "Lust & Laster" Tour

Step into the vibrant heart of Hamburg's nightlife with the Reeperbahn "Lust & Laster" Tour

This adults-only adventure whisks you away on a 2-hour journey through the famous Red Light District, brimming with stories and sights that'll stick with you long after. 

Your expert guide leads the way in either German or English, holding a white bag outside St. Pauli metro station to kick things off.

With the flexibility of free cancellation up to 24 hours before and nothing to pay until later, your travel plans stay stress-free.

What's more, you get treated to a local specialty drink and shot per person—perfect for starting your evening on an upbeat note. Peek into Germany's oldest wax museum or snatch a selfie by Europe’s tiniest police station; this tour is peppered with quirky spots that locals love.

wax museum queen elizabeth

For those ready to dive deeper into Hamburg’s legendary parties, grab this chance but remember it’s for grown-ups only!

With each step down Große Freiheit street, feel the energy as you prepare for a night among buzzing crowds and neon lights—all crowned by half-price entry into Dollhouse strip club if that tickles your fancy. Join in and discover why this Hamburg tour earns its spot as a true highlight of St. Pauli's offerings!


  • Enjoy a 2 - hour tour with live guides in German or EnglishPriv
  • ate group options available
  • Includes local specialty drink and shot
  • 50% discount at Dollhouse strip club


  • Limited availability during peak tourist seasons
  • May not be suitable for young children due to the adult - oriented nature of the tour
  • Not ideal for individuals with mobility restrictions due to walking - intensive nature

5. Adults Only Reeperbahn Tour

Dive into the heart of Hamburg's nightlife with the Adults Only Reeperbahn Tour. You've got two thrilling hours to soak up stories about local legends and gangsters that once ruled these streets.

Don't miss a visit to "Zur Ritze" - where boxers have thrown punches and patrons throw back drinks.

Feel the pulse of St. Pauli as you stroll past Herbertstraße, buzzing with life and shrouded in mystery. Your guide is a well of knowledge, spilling secrets of famous figures who left their mark here.


With lively tales, history unfolds before you – it's not just a walk; it’s time travel laced with scandal.

By the end of your tour, you'll know all about Reeperbahn's checkered past—and why it still captivates visitors today.

Whether sipping on included drinks or laughing at quirky anecdotes from your expert guide, this experience lets you peer behind the curtain into Hamburg's most infamous district like never before.


  • Enjoy 2 complimentary drinks during the 2 - hour tour
  • Flexibility to add on a visit to the boxing cellar of "Zur Ritze" for just $3
  • Public Tour in German, private tour in English


  • Limited availability for private tours in English
  • Not suitable for individuals under 18 years old

6. Insider Tour of the Reeperbahn & St. Pauli

Take a walk on the wild side with the Insider Tour of Reeperbahn & St. Pauli, where Hamburg’s nightlife comes alive under neon lights.

Expert guides like Eddy Kante and Barbie Stupid bring this district's stories to life as you explore famous spots such as Herbertstraße and Davidwache police station. You’ll feel the area's pulse while learning about its sex, drags, and rock'n'roll history.

This tour isn't your average sightseeing trip. It’s an experience packed with live performances and insights into LGBTQ+ culture.


Dance through Olivia Jones’ club or listen intently to Doc Eva Decker recount tales of old St. Pauli – every moment feels straight out of a movie scene!

Get ready for an unforgettable night – whether that involves taking a peek into a BDSM dungeon or wrapping up with a shot of liquor gifted by the guide (depending on your chosen tour).

Just remember to dress for Hamburg weather and leave kids at home; this adult extravaganza requires participants to be over 18 years old.

Explore Hamburg in true local style – just book now, pay later if plans change but get set for what could easily be one of your most memorable nights out!


  • Experience the colorful nightlife with drag queen - guided tours available
  • End your tour with a shot of liquor at selected options depends on tour choice)
  • Party on at popular St. Pauli entertainment venues on Fridays and Saturdays
  • 100-minute tour: Dive into the heart of Reeperbahn & St. Pauli—check availability for start times.


  • Limited language options: Live tour guide speaks only in German
  • Short duration: Only 100 minutes for the entire tour
  • Potential crowd: Popular tours may lead to larger groups on the excursion

7. CSI St. Pauli - Crime Scene St. Pauli

Dive into the gritty history of Hamburg's St. Pauli district with CSI St. Pauli - Crime Scene tour.

This 1.5-hour adventure brings you face-to-face with the neighborhood’s criminal past, where you'll tread the same paths as historical outlaws. 

With both German and English speaking guides available, everyone can uncover the secrets of notorious gangsters like Werner ‘Mucki’ Pinzner.

The CSI St. Pauli tour isn't just a walk; it's a journey through time, showing how crime has shaped this part of Hamburg from World War I to 1990.


The live tour guide will make sure you catch every chilling detail about spooky old crimes at various gang meeting spots and crime scenes. And don't worry about rushing to pay for your spot – reserve now and pay later options ensure your plans stay flexible.

If walking is tricky or tiresome for you, rest assured that this experience is wheelchair accessible so no one misses out on the intrigue and mystery that St. Pauli holds.

Whether rain or shine, put on some comfy shoes because CSI St. Pauli awaits to give you an unforgettable peek into Hamburg’s darker side in what could be one of your most memorable tours!


  • Solve crimes in the famous St. Pauli district
  • Flexible travel plans - reserve now, pay later
  • Live tour guide available in German and Englis


  • Limited availability on certain dates
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years old
  • May not be suitable for individuals with mobility challenges due to walking involved

8. Reeperbahn Guided Walking Tour with Shot

Step into the vibrant heart of Hamburg on the Reeperbahn Guided Walking Tour. It's like stepping inside a living history book, filled with tales of stars and local legends.

The tour kicks off at Schmuckstraße 9, where your guide – a treasure trove of insider info – waits to whisk you away through St. Pauli’s streets. You’ll breeze past infamous spots like Herbertstrasse while absorbing stories that bring this neighborhood to life.

Walking the line between entertainment and education, this tour nails it! Imagine standing outside the world-renowned police station Davidwache or peeking into "Zur Ritze," a boxing bar with secrets in its walls.

Your senses will tingle as you stroll Spielbudenplatz; every sight and sound reveals another layer of St. Pauli's colorful character. Plus, who can say no to an authentic German shot? It's not just about sipping liquor; it's about tasting tradition.


Plunge into St.Pauli’s past and present without getting lost in tourist traps – that’s what this 100-minute adventure promises. 

From gripping historical facts to fascinating neighborhood nuggets, your knowledgeable guide ensures you leave buzzing with stories to tell - plus a spirited kick from that German shot!

With free cancellation up until 24 hours before and easy booking options, diving headfirst into Hamburg history has never been so thrilling or convenient.


  • Discover St. Pauli's iconic sights with a knowledgeable guide
  • Gain insight into the neighborhood's history and daily life
  • Immerse yourself in entertaining stories about St. Pauli's stars and starlets.
    Enjoy a shot of authentic German liquor during the tour


  • Limited availability for specific tour dates and times
  • The walking tour may not be suitable for individuals with mobility issues
  • Participants must be of legal drinking age to enjoy the shot

9. Red-light district Audio-Guided Walk in St. Pauli

Dive into the heart of Hamburg's St. Pauli district with this immersive audio-guided walk. You'll unlock secrets of the world-renowned red-light area while soaking in its vibrant atmosphere, all at your fingertips through an intuitive smartphone guide.

Picture yourself weaving through the bustling streets, headphones on, each stop revealing a new chapter of St. Pauli's captivating story.

With your charged smartphone and comfortable shoes, you're ready to explore! The tour packs a punch with detailed information at every stop—no need to worry about missing out on any juicy details or historical gems.


Plus, you can download the guide for offline use if internet access is spotty. And if you ever want a personal touch or have questions along the way, there’s a live tour guide ready to help.

What sets this experience apart are features like GPS city-map routes that make navigation a breeze and insights that only locals usually know about — all accessible from anywhere at any time on your schedule.

This isn't just another stroll; it's your ticket to understanding one of Germany's most iconic districts without being tied down by timing or crowds. Step into St. Pauli’s electrifying nightlife confidently; after all, with free cancellation and up to 20% off per person, adventure awaits without risk or hefty price tags!


  • Enjoy a 1.5-hour immersive stroll through St. Pauli’s red-light district in Germany
  • Smartphone audio - guide with English commentary
  • Self-guided tour with a GPS city-map itinerary


  • Limited coverage of adult - oriented content, may not be suitable for all audiences
  • Potential exposure to crowded or noisy surroundings during the guided walk
  • Some visitors may find the historical context unsettling due to the district's controversial pas

10. St. Pauli: Guided Food Tour with 5 Tastings

Get ready to taste your way through the vibrant streets of St. Pauli on a food tour designed for flavor adventurers and culture enthusiasts alike.

This guided journey takes you beyond the usual tourist spots, letting you savor five different international and local delicacies. Each restaurant stop is carefully picked to showcase the very best in area cuisine, offering both carnivorous and vegetarian delights.


Wander with a licensed guide who brings St. Pauli's history alive with stories that paint a colorful past against its multicultural canvas.

As you indulge in tasty treats, discover hidden gems where locals love to eat and hear tales of the neighborhood’s infamous characters.

The three-hour food tour wraps up near Reeperbahn, leaving you perfectly placed to continue exploring Hamburg's most famous district after satisfying your appetite for food and knowledge.


  • Indulge in 5 diverse international and local flavors at selected restaurants
  • Immerse in St. Pauli's history and culture with a knowledgeable guide
  • Enjoy insider tales of St. Pauli while accommodating both meat lovers and vegetarians


  • Limited availability on weekends
  • Tour may not be suitable for those with dietary restrictions
  • Walking distance between tasting locations

Conclusion: Reeperbahn & St. Pauli Tours

Think you're ready for a wild ride? Grab the Sex and Crime in St. Pauli Tour and brace yourself for a night of thrilling tales, with drinks to spice things up.

If sipping beer is more your style, join the St. Pauli Highlights Tour to uncover hidden spots and toast to your discoveries! These tours will give you stories to share for years—book now and dive into Hamburg's famous nightlife.

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