Hamburg in March (Weather, Temperature and What do Do)

Updated on February 3, 2024  

Hamburg in March

Why You Should Visit Hamburg In March

March brings a fresh burst of life to Hamburg. Trees start to bud and flowers peek out, making city parks like Planten un Blomen true delights. It's the perfect weather for wearing your favorite spring jacket while wandering through charming neighborhoods.

Streets buzz with energy as locals step out to enjoy the crisp air.

The city lights up with events in March too. Mingle with cheerful folks at the Hamburg DOM, one of Germany's biggest funfairs, or find unique treasures at the legendary Fish Market.

Every turn in Hamburg reveals a new adventure—whether it's biting into rich chocolates from local shops or sailing on Alster Lake amidst swans. Come see why this harbor city is buzzing with excitement!

Weather And Climate In Hamburg In March

Average Temperature And Precipitation

Hamburg greets you with a cool breeze in March. Daytime highs hover around 48°F, while the nights can dip to 33°F. You'll want your cozy layers for this cold weather!

The city doesn't drench you in rain either; just a modest 2.4 inches spread over four days.

Despite the chill, Hamburg's air feels alive with moisture – expect about 81% humidity. This means that sometimes the cold can cling a little longer on your skin. So bundle up and enjoy those crisp Hamburg strolls without worrying too much about getting soaked!

Dressing For The Weather

Layer up! March in Hamburg calls for warm clothes to beat the chill. Pull on your cozy sweaters and don't forget a sturdy coat for when the wind bites. Evenings can get extra cold, so wrap a scarf around your neck and slip on some gloves.

A hat will be your best friend keeping those ears snug.

Dressing For The Weather

For sunny spells, you might just need a long-sleeved shirt and light jacket while wandering around town. Always tote an umbrella – drizzles are common, and staying dry is key to enjoying your day out! Keep winter gear handy though; weather here loves throwing curveballs.

Hamburg March Holidays And Events

Hamburg DOM (Spring) - March to April

The Spring edition of Hamburg DOM kicks off in late March and runs until late April. Imagine a place filled with thrilling rides, yummy treats, and games for all ages—that's what you get at this funfair! It's set in the heart of the city at Heiligengeistfeld fairground.


Bright lights, laughter, and the smell of roasted almonds fill the air. You'll find everything from high-flying roller coasters to classic carousel horses.

Get ready to join one big party under Hamburg's sky. The festival is like Oktoberfest but happens three times a year; spring is just one exciting part! People come from near and far to enjoy live music and eat their favorite fair snacks.

Take a whirl on some rides or try winning a prize at one of the booths. No matter what you choose to do, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Good Friday (Karfreitag) - Friday before Easter Sunday

Good Friday, also called Karfreitag, is observed as a public holiday in Germany between late March and late April. On this day, most businesses and schools are closed to mark the solemn occasion.

It's a time of reflection and mourning for many Germans as it commemorates the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. During this period, various traditional events take place across Hamburg, offering visitors an opportunity to witness local customs and immerse themselves in the significance of Good Friday.


The observance of Good Friday falls within a significant period that leads up to Easter Sunday; thus, it is an important cultural moment for residents and visitors alike. The tone throughout Germany during this time is one of reverence as people give space for contemplation and religious observation.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday in Hamburg is steeped in the tradition of Osterfeuer or Easter fire, a long-standing custom in northern Germany.

This day sees the city come alive with many bonfires, which are ignited on Holy Saturday and continue through to Easter Sunday as part of the vibrant Osterfeuer festivities. [1]

The sight of these flickering flames illuminating the night sky creates a magical ambiance, offering an unforgettable experience for locals and visitors alike.