Train Stations in Cologne, Germany (Köln Hauptbahnhof)

Updated on October 23, 2023  


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Stepping into the expansive network of train stations in Cologne, Germany can feel like stepping into a complex labyrinth. I know what it's like to try and decode intricate schedules and station layouts - been there, done that! But don't let that discourage you.

This article is your trusty guide designed to simplify every facet of your rail travel experience in this enchanting city. We're talking about insider tips on Cologne Central Station's hidden gems to decoding connectivity across various major cities.

Cologne Central Railway Station

Station layout & finding your train

As you enter the main station through the main entrance, you'll find yourself in the main hall on the ground floor. Right in front of you, there's a departures board displaying train information.

I remember the first time I arrived there, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the bustling atmosphere. But that departures board became my trusty guide, helping me navigate the station with ease. 


To access the platforms, you'll walk through a wide passageway filled with shops, cafes, and kiosks under the tracks. You can reach the platforms using stairs, escalators, or lifts because they are located one level above the ground.

To determine which platform your train departs from, here's a quick guide:

  • Platforms are numbered from 1 to 11, with platform 1 on the main (cathedral) side of the station.
  • Despite its size, the station is relatively compact, and you can walk from platform 1 to platform 11 in just 2 or 3 minutes, even if you have luggage. This efficiency once saved me from missing a tight connection - a sprint from platform 1 to platform 8 in record time!
  • Information about platform assignments for your train is displayed on departure screens throughout the station.

You can also check platform information for your train by visiting and searching for Cologne Hbf. [1] You can also find planned platform numbers by using the German Railways website at when you run an inquiry. These online tools have been invaluable in making my travels smoother.

Here are some specific platform details:

  • High-speed and long-distance trains, such as IC, ICE, and EC, typically use platforms 1-9.
  • ICE trains to Brussels and Thalys trains to Brussels and Paris operate from platforms 5-9.
  • The Nightjet sleeper service to Munich, Innsbruck, and Vienna usually departs from platform 7, but always verify with the departure screens.
  • For local S-Bahn trains to Koln Messe/Deutz, head to platform 10, where they depart every few minutes.

A helpful tip: Sometimes two different trains share the same platform, with one at sectors A-C and the other at sectors D-G. To avoid confusion, check the departure boards and look at both ends of the platform. I've had a couple of close calls when I almost boarded the wrong train, so this tip is worth heeding.


Another tip: Look for the train composition poster (Wagenstandsanzeiger) on each platform. It provides information on which sector to stand in on the platform so you'll be in the right spot when your train arrives. 

Sectors are labeled A to G, with sector A at the east (Rhine bridge) end of each platform and sector G at the west (Brussels) end.

Tickets & reservations in Cologne Central Railway Station

You'll find purchasing tickets and making reservations pretty straightforward. German Railways website is an easy platform to buy tickets from any station in Germany, including Cologne, all the way to Amsterdam or other Dutch stations.

You won't have a hard time if you're looking for ticket machines at the station either. Plenty of them are scattered throughout for easy accessibility! There's no need to worry about language issues: these machines offer instructions in numerous languages.

Certainly, understanding German can make things a bit smoother but it's not essential. In case assistance is needed, helpful staff members are usually closeby ready to ensure your travel plans go smooth sailing.


Luggage lockers, ATMs, WiFi in Cologne Central Railway Station

Stashing my bags in the left luggage at Cologne Central Railway Station, I found it fantastic to roam freely.

Cologne Hbf offers a rather innovative solution for storing your luggage. You'll find these unique left luggage machines in the main corridor just outside the ticket office.

These machines are quite nifty – they securely take your bag down to an automated storage area and retrieve it for you when you return. It's like having your own personal storage assistant.

But that's not all this bustling hub offers - there is also wireless internet access.

The station provides WiFi which kept me connected and took care of my online needs during my visit.

There are also multiple ATMs around the station.

DB First Class Lounge in Cologne Central Railway Station

The DB First Class Lounge in Cologne Central Railway Station is a premium lounge exclusively for 1st class Flexpreis ticket passengers. As a guest, you can enjoy luxury amenities and comfortable seating in a relaxed atmosphere.

The lounge offers a refreshment area with complimentary soft drinks and beer, and some lounges even provide food options. Whether you need to catch up on work or simply unwind, the lounge provides modern spaces for both business and relaxation purposes.

Amenities such as TVs, WiFi, and phone chargers are also available for your convenience. So if you have a valid boarding pass for first class, don't miss the opportunity to experience this exclusive retreat within the bustling train station.

Supermarkets in Cologne Central Railway Station

You can find many shops & kiosks at Cologne Central Railway Station, making it convenient for travelers to pick up groceries and other essentials.

One notable option is the 'Rewe-to-go' supermarket underneath platforms 6 & 7, which was the first of its kind to open at a train station in Germany. [2]

These supermarkets offer a range of products including food, drinks, shoes, books, flowers, and even make-up.

Whether you're looking for something quick on-the-go or stocking up for your journey ahead, these supermarkets provide a convenient shopping experience right at the train station.

Food & drink, restaurants in Cologne Central Railway Station

Cologne Central Railway Station offers a wide variety of food and drink options for travelers.

On one of my trips through Cologne, I found myself with a bit of extra time before my train departure. I decided to treat myself to a sit-down meal, and Bistro Sion am Bahnhof was my go-to choice.

I can still remember savoring a delicious meal there while watching the bustling station around me. It's a fantastic option for those moments when you want a more relaxed dining experience amidst your travels.

If you're in the mood for fast food, Frittenwerk Koln Hbf and KFC are two other great options nearby. And if you're just looking for a caffeine fix or some snacks on-the-go, Coffee Fellows has got you covered with their range of coffee drinks and tasty treats.

On one particularly early morning trip, their cappuccino was a lifesaver, helping me kickstart my day's adventures.

No matter your culinary preferences, be it Italian pasta or traditional German sausages, Cologne Central Railway Station has something to satiate every traveler's cravings.

Local transport: Taxis & buses at Cologne Central Railway Station

The station is perfectly situated right in the center of Cologne, just a stone's throw away from the iconic Cathedral and the bustling central shops.

In fact, you can practically step off the train and start exploring the city's vibrant atmosphere. Or walk to your hotel.


Taxis and buses are readily available at Cologne Central Railway Station, making it convenient for travelers to explore the city. The station is well connected to the local public transport network, including trams and trains, providing easy access to various parts of Cologne.

The KVB (Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe) website and app offer information on the comprehensive network of train, tram, and bus lines that run frequently with services available every 5-10 minutes.

Hotels Near Cologne Central Railway Station

There are many hotels near Cologne Central Station.

If you're seeking the ultimate luxury, I recommend: Excelsior Hotel Ernst am Dom. It's our top choice for the best hotel in Cologne. I've had the privilege of staying there once, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. The hotel's attention to detail and impeccable service truly make it a standout choice for those looking to indulge.

Now, if you're someone who appreciates unique and boutique accommodations, consider the URBAN LOFT Cologne. It's a fantastic option if you prefer an accommodation that exudes character and style.

And for travelers who prefer the comforts of home and the convenience of apartments, we recommend the Haus am Dom - Apartments. They are a fantastic choice for longer stays, providing all the amenities you need to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Other Train Stations in Cologne

Cologne Messe/Deutz

Cologne Messe/Deutz is an important train station in Cologne, located on the opposite bank of the River Rhine from Köln Hauptbahnhof (Cologne Central Station). It serves as a secondary station and is well-connected to local, national, and international railway networks.


Situated just 1 km away from Köln Hauptbahnhof, you can easily reach Cologne Messe/Deutz by crossing the Hohenzollern bridge. The station has platforms on two levels and acts as a railway junction.

To access the Stadtbahn station of Deutz/Messe, there is a convenient pedestrian tunnel connecting both stations.

Cologne Bonn Airport’s Train Station

Cologne Bonn Airport's Train Station is another popular train station in Cologne. This train station is conveniently situated directly beneath Terminal 2 of the airport, providing a seamless connection between the city and the airport.

You can access the airport from various parts of the city using regional trains, with direct connections to Cologne and Bonn. Additionally, long-distance trains, including high-speed ICE trains, make stops at the airport station, facilitating easy access to major cities across Germany and neighboring countries like Belgium and the Netherlands.


This train station offers a convenient and efficient link between Cologne and its international airport, ensuring travelers have a hassle-free journey to and from the city. Its accessibility features and integration into the regional and national rail networks make it an essential transit point for both domestic and international visitors.

Transportation Options and Connectivity

National and International train services

Cologne Central Station serves as a major railway hub, connecting not only local destinations but also national and international ones. The train services offered at this station are known for their efficiency, reliability, and comfort.

Whether you're traveling within Germany or to other countries, the well-connected transportation network ensures that you can reach your destination smoothly.

With high-speed rail lines like the Cologne-Frankfurt route, which covers a distance of 180 kilometers, train travel in and out of Cologne is fast and convenient. [3]

So whether you're exploring major German cities or venturing beyond borders, the national and international train services from Cologne Central Station make it easy to embark on your journey.

Connections to major German cities

The German rail network boasts efficient connections to major cities across the country. Thanks to high-speed ICE trains, traveling between these cities is quick and convenient.

From Cologne Hauptbahnhof, the main train station in Cologne, you can easily access Frankfurt via the Cologne-Frankfurt high-speed rail line.

In addition, EuroNight and Nightjet night services also make stops at Cologne Hauptbahnhof.


Whether you're planning a day trip or a longer journey, opting for train travel allows you to reach downtown areas of other German cities as fast or faster than alternative modes of transportation.

With Cologne Central Station serving as one of Europe's most important railway hubs, embarking on your next adventure has never been easier.

Accessibility and public transportation links

Public transportation in Cologne provides excellent accessibility and connectivity. Trains and buses run regularly, with a frequency of at least every 20 minutes, even late at night.

During rush hours, the frequency of trains and buses increases to accommodate the higher demand. This ensures that residents and visitors have convenient options for getting around the city.

Additionally, Köln Bonn Airport is well-connected to over 130 domestic and international destinations via high-speed train connections. With such reliable public transportation options, it's easy to explore Cologne or travel to other cities in Germany without needing a car.

Conclusion: Cologne Train Stations

Cologne Central Station is a bustling hub that connects major cities in Germany, making travel quick and comfortable. Located next to the historic center and Cologne Cathedral, it's an ideal starting point for exploring this vibrant city.

With amenities like free WiFi, lockers, and easy accessibility, it's a visitor-friendly train station that ensures a seamless travel experience. Don't forget to explore other train stations in Cologne too!

Key Takeaways

  • Cologne Central Railway Station is a major transportation hub in Germany, offering domestic and international connections.
  • The station provides convenient services such as ticket purchasing, luggage lockers, ATMs, and WiFi.
  • Travelers can enjoy a variety of dining options at the station and explore supermarkets for groceries and essentials.


1. How many train stations are there in Cologne, Germany?

Cologne, Germany has four main train stations: Cologne Central Station (Köln Hauptbahnhof), Cologne Messe/Deutz Station, Cologne South Station (Köln Süd), and Cologne West Station (Köln West).

2. How do I get from the airport to the train station in Cologne?

To get from the airport to the train station in Cologne, you can take a direct train or S-Bahn from Köln/Bonn Airport station to either Cologne Central Station or Cologne Messe/Deutz Station.

3. Are there luggage storage facilities at the train stations in Cologne?

Yes, both Cologne Central Station and Cologne Messe/Deutz Station have luggage storage facilities where you can securely store your belongings for a fee.

4. Can I purchase tickets for local transportation at the train stations in Cologne?

Yes, you can purchase tickets for local transportation such as buses and trams at ticket machines located within the train stations in Colgone.

5. Are there food and beverage options available at the train stations in Clogne?

Yes, all of the main train stations in Colgone have cafes and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat or enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for your trains.


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