3 Days in Hamburg: The Perfect Itinerary

Updated on January 20, 2024  

3 days in hamburg

Planning a trip to Hamburg? This straightforward 3-day itinerary is your go-to guide for making the most of your three days in Hamburg. From iconic landmarks to local hidden gems, we've got your itinerary sorted for a memorable visit to this vibrant city.

Hamburg 3-Day Itinerary – Day 1


Wander through Hamburg's historic Speicherstadt and be struck by the imposing beauty of the towering red-brick warehouses that line the waterways.

This area, holding the title of the world's largest warehouse complex, takes you back to a time when spices, coffee, and tea were stored in these monumental buildings. [1]

Speicherstadt photo

Built on timber-pile foundations and laced with canals, Speicherstadt is not just an architectural marvel; it’s a testament to Germany's industrial heritage.

Visit Spicy’s Spice Museum within this district to get a whiff of exotic aromas from around the globe. Photographers and history enthusiasts alike will revel in capturing its picturesque facades reflecting off the calm canal waters.


HafenCity is a fresh and modern part of Hamburg where you can see amazing buildings right on the water.

Built on an island called Grasbrook, it came to life in 2008 and has quickly become a place people love for its cool port, art spots, museums, lively nights out, and lots of bridges to explore.

While you're there, soak up the sights of towering glass structures that reflect the sky and sea.

Don't miss walking along the docks or popping into a gallery. Next up after HafenCity is the stunning Elbphilharmonie – let's head there!


As you leave the modern marvels of HafenCity, make your way to the Elbphilharmonie. This concert hall looks like a giant wave in the city skyline. You can't miss it! Nor can your Instagram not have a photo of it.

The Elbphilharmonie is not just a music place. It's also a symbol that shows how important culture is to Hamburg.