7 Best Christmas Markets in Cologne, Germany

Updated on January 19, 2024  


With a rich history and diverse themes spanning across several locations, Cologne's Christmas markets offer an unforgettable experience where travelers can indulge in traditional German cuisine, engage in unique winter activities, and discover beautifully crafted gifts perfect for loved ones.

In this blog post, we take you on a journey through Cologne's stunning winter wonderland as we explore some must-see Christmas markets in Cologne.

History And Tradition Of Christmas Markets

The rich history of Christmas markets can be traced back centuries, even before the modern celebration of Christmas emerged.

Originating in Germany during the Late Middle Ages, these open-air street markets were held in bustling town squares and brought communities together during the festive season. [1]

As European tradition spread across borders, so did this magical holiday experience. Today, cities worldwide embrace the spirit of these iconic German markets with twinkling lights, bustling stalls offering unique gifts, and an array of delicious eats and drinks that tantalize tastebuds while warming hearts amidst winter's chill.

7 Best Christmas Markets in Cologne

Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt am Dom)

The Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market is a must-visit for most travelers, drawing visitors from near and far to this iconic location set in the shadow of the city's majestic Cologne Cathedral, one of the most imposing structures in the entire country.


When I visited Cologne, I made it a point to start my Christmas market tour with this one. It's the perfect place to appreciate the grandeur of the cathedral while sipping on a warming glühwein and leisurely wandering among the stalls.

The square transforms into a mesmerizing wonderland by night, with a dazzling canopy of lights emanating from a central Christmas tree.

The market features a wide array of goodies, from German classics like Käsespätzle and Kaiserschmarrn to international treats like churros and crepes, as well as craft beer and fancy fair trade coffee.

I did try the mulled rosé glühwein here, and while it was nice, I remained loyal to the traditional red version.

The Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market is often considered the city's most beautiful market. The setting, with the impressive Gothic cathedral as the backdrop, adds a touch of magic, especially in the evening when everything is illuminated. 

The market boasts 150 wooden stalls encircling the towering fir tree, creating a maze filled with delectable treats, drinks, and exquisite Christmas decorations.

In its center, a stage hosts over 100 festive performances and live music every evening, further enhancing the enchanting atmosphere.

While the Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market is undeniably charming and popular, it can lean toward being more touristic compared to some of the city's other markets.

Depending on your preferences and the time available, you might prioritize visiting other markets like the Winter Fairytale or Market of Angels, which offer unique and perhaps less crowded experiences.

The House Elves’ Winter Fairytale Christmas Market (Heinzels Wintermärchen)

Heinzels Winter Fairytale is an enchanting and elaborate Christmas market in Cologne.

Heinzels Wintermärchen pays tribute to the legend of the Heinzelmännchen, house elves that helped with household tasks in Cologne. They disappeared after an incident in which a tailor's wife tried to reveal them.

Visiting this market was a true revelation for me, showcasing that Cologne takes its Christmas markets very seriously.

From the charming bauble-like mugs to the central skating rink and exquisitely decorated chalets, it's one of the most elaborate Christmas markets I've encountered in all my travels.

The attention to detail is simply spectacular. Everywhere you look, you'll find little Heinzelmännchen, whether they're playfully whirling around on mini-ski lifts or adorning the elaborate welcome gates that mark the market's entrances.

Even the toilets at this market are fancy.


The market is quite large, with themed "alleys" in both Heumarkt and Alte Markt in Cologne's Old Town. Dedicate plenty of time to exploring.

At Heinzels Wintermärchen Heumarkt, you'll discover a generous 2,400 square meters open ice rink and curling, offering an opportunity for some winter sports fun.

The market also boasts a diverse selection of savory and sweet culinary options, and its cozy wooden chalets are perfect for escaping the cold and enjoying a glass of mulled wine.

For a magical Christmas experience in Cologne, Heinzels Winter Fairytale is a must-visit.

The Angels’ Christmas Market (Markt der Engel)

The Angels' Christmas Market left a lasting impression on me and quickly became one of my personal favorites during our Christmas market journey.

This enchanting market in Cologne's Neumarkt square had a truly romantic atmosphere. Clusters of beautiful stars suspended above in the trees created a magical ambiance, further enhanced by performers dressed like actual angels, some even on stilts!

The market's stall decor was stunningly rustic and minimalist, with white-painted wooden chalets and overhead decorations crafted from natural materials like twigs. Even the backs of these chalets were beautifully adorned.

For those seeking a delicious treat, the Reibekuchen stall near the main entrance was a must-visit.