25 Fairytale Castles Near Dusseldorf, Germany

Updated on October 28, 2023  


Looking for a magical journey through Germany's rich history? Dusseldorf is surrounded by stunning castles, each with unique stories to tell. This blog post offers an extensive list of 25 enchanting castles near Dusseldorf that you can visit.

Let's embark on this fairy tale trail together!

25 Beautiful Castles Near Dusseldorf

Schloss Dyck (26 min)

Schloss Dyck sits majestically in Jüchen, a quick 26-minute drive from Dusseldorf. Known for its cultural significance and historic charm, it stands as a premier moated castle in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Baroque-style architecture lends an air of opulence to the entire area, amplified by the grandeur of the surrounding parkland dating back to the 17th century.


The unique island construction sets this castle apart, built on four distinct islands offering picturesque views at every turn.

A visit to this site is incomplete without seeing its impressive moat, adding another layer to its rich heritage and visual appeal.

Whether you're a history buff or simply enjoy scenic landscapes, Schloss Dyck offers an extraordinary experience well worth your time.

Schloss Broich (32 min)

Schloss Broich stands as a historic relic of the past, nestled in the scenic MüGa Park. Its history stretches back to around 883, making it one of the oldest Carolingian fortifications in Mülheim. [1]

Built for strategic defense against Normans invasions, this castle showcases robust architecture and an immersive atmosphere that transports visitors back to medieval times.

The visual appeal of Schloss Broich extends far beyond its impressive structure. The surrounding park is a masterpiece on its own. This perfect blend of nature's bounty with architectural brilliance makes this fortress a must-visit landmark near Dusseldorf.

Beyond just eye-catching aesthetics, Schloss Broich holds significant value as the most critical secular architectural monument in Mülheim, demonstrating its cultural relevance within Germany's vast historical landscape.

Ehreshoven Castle (52 min)

Ehreshoven Castle, located in Engelskirchen, is a stunning moated castle that should not be missed on your vistt to the castles near Dusseldorf.

Situated just 52 minutes away from the city, this charming castle offers a glimpse into history and boasts beautiful architecture.


With its picturesque surroundings and rich cultural heritage, Ehreshoven Castle provides a unique experience for visitors.

Whether you're interested in exploring the grounds or learning about the castle's fascinating past, a trip to Ehreshoven Castle is sure to leave you enchanted.

Schloss Kalkum (16 min)

Schloss Kalkum, a stunning coral-colored Baroque castle, stands proudly in the north district of Düsseldorf.

Just two kilometers northeast from the bustling Kaiserswerth neighborhood awaits this architectural gem.

Built atop older fortifications, it boasts both classical and moated styles, an echo of its long and rich historical background.

The castle's park surroundings add to its allure - you're not just visiting a monument frozen in time; instead, you're treated to beautiful views of nature as well.

A quick 16-minute ride will transport any visitor into this intriguing piece of Germany's architectural heritage.

Schloss Eller (17 min)

Schloss Eller, located just 17 minutes away from the center of Dusseldorf, is a historic castle with stunning medieval architecture.

One of its notable features is the moat that surrounds the castle, adding to its charm and grandeur.


While the castle itself is not open for public tours, some of its rooms are available for private use.

Since 1938, Schloss Eller has been owned by the city of Dusseldorf and remains a beloved landmark in the area. [2]

With its beautiful architecture and historical significance, it's no wonder why Schloss Eller is considered one of the most picturesque castles in Dusseldorf.

Castle Burg Linn (27 min)

Castle Burg Linn is a moated castle located in the rural neighborhood of Linn near Dusseldorf.

It dates back to the late Middle Ages and is known for its ancient architecture and strong presence on top of a hill.

The castle features a bailey, hunting lodge, and tithe barn, making it an interesting destination for history enthusiasts.

Its well-preserved condition allows visitors to explore the courtyard and manor house, giving them a glimpse into mediev