Dusseldorf in March (Weather, Temperature and What do Do)

Updated on December 12, 2023  


Why You Should Visit Dusseldorf In March

March in Dusseldorf is filled with inviting cool breezes and temperatures that range from 47°F to 54°F, making it comfortable for exploring the city. You can stroll through Königsallee, its famous shopping street known for luxury boutiques.

The historic charm of Altstadt, also known as Old Town, awaits with narrow winding streets and century-old buildings. Daylight hours begin to lengthen in March; you’ll have up to almost 12 hours of daylight each day.


During this month, precipitation levels drop significantly giving you more chances of dry days for outdoor activities like visiting modern architectural masterpieces such as the Gehry buildings.

Don’t miss out on local attractions such as Rhine Tower or Carlsplatz Markt; sampling regional cuisine at bustling food markets will complete your authentic experience. Take advantage of lesser tourist crowds during this time while soaking in the vibrant culture and easy-going lifestyle that defines Düsseldorf in March.

Weather And Climate In Dusseldorf In March

Average Temperature And Precipitation

Dusseldorf in March invites with average daily high temperatures ranging from 47°F to 54°F, perfect for exploring the city's rich culture. It's worth noting that rainfall is common this season, averaging about 1.9 inches spread over three days.

Generally, the weather falls on the cooler side, maintaining a comfortable daytime temperature around 12°C (53.6°F).

Dressing For The Weather

The key to staying comfortable in Dusseldorf's March weather lies in layering. Expect cooler temperatures, with averages falling between 34°F and 51°F. This suggests that a medium-weight jacket or coat could be your trusted travel companion during this time of the year.

Taking into account Dusseldorf’s proximity to the ocean, we find winters are milder compared to other regions yet it retains its chilliness due to the breezy conditions.


Dressing warmly becomes essential; thermals, scarves and gloves can provide extra warmth and must make their way into your luggage if you plan on exploring outdoor attractions extensively.

Dusseldorf March Holidays And Events

Good Friday

Good Friday marks a significant observance in Dusseldorf with its status as a public holiday. The streets bear a quiet aspect, as many shops and businesses remain closed for the day.

Family-run establishments may even extend their closure to encompass the entire Easter weekend, signifying an important break for locals in this bustling German city.


Nevertheless, for visitors seeking some socializing and nightlife during their trip, numerous bars across Dusseldorf open their doors on Good Friday, though it's wise to verify this beforehand with each venue.

On March 29th, 2024, Good Friday will be observed with residents enjoying a day off from work - another palpable depiction of Germany's respect towards cherished traditions like Good Friday.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday in Düsseldorf is a festive celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, observed by both Protestants and Catholics. As part of Holy Week and the Lenten season, Easter Sunday holds great religious significance.

Families gather for church services and traditional meals. Children eagerly participate in Easter egg hunts, searching for brightly colored eggs hidden throughout homes or outdoor spaces.

It's a joyful time that welcomes spring with