25 Fairytale Castles Near Cologne, Germany

Updated on October 31, 2023  


Are you planning a trip to Cologne and interested in exploring the historical castles nearby? 

My comprehensive guide will share essential details about over 20 majestic castles within day-trip distance, including location, journey time and best times to visit. Ready for a royal adventure? Dive into our castle tour!

25 Beautiful Castles Near Cologne

Schloss Dyck (45 min)

Schloss Dyck is one of the closest castle to Cologne, making it a must-visit for travelers in the area. Located in Juchen, Germany, this moated castle offers a glimpse into German history and culture.


The picturesque backdrop of Schloss Dyck, along with its magnificent architecture and historical park, makes it an ideal destination for those interested in exploring medieval castles and immersing themselves in the beauty of nature.

Don't miss the chance to wander through the gardens and parks surrounding Schloss Dyck, as they add an enchanting touch to your visit.

Eltz Castle (1h 34min)

Eltz Castle, a historical fortress nestled between Koblenz and Trier in Germany, is an architectural marvel. It's perched on an oval rock formation amid the serene Eltz Forest, a notable nature reserve.

The castle boasts a unique charm for its unchanged lineage as it remains under the ownership of the same family who built it. 


Its romantic ambiance and stunning landscapes make it one of Germany's prized cultural treasures and a must-visit landmark for every traveler exploring famous castles near Cologne.

Castle Bürresheim (1h 21min)

Castle Bürresheim greets visitors with its stunning medieval architecture, nestled on a rock spur in the quaint Nettetal of Germany's RheinlandPfalz region.

This majestic structure is just a short day trip away from Cologne, making it an ideal destination for any traveler looking to explore historical landmarks.


The local church Sankt Johann holds ownership of Castle Bürresheim. Despite many castles changing with time and technology, this notable castle has maintained its medieval era charm and stands as one of the best-preserved fortresses near Cologne.

Walking through its stone arches and towering turrets, you'll feel like you've taken a step back into history.

Schloss Drachenburg (36 min)

Schloss Drachenburg sits majestically on the Drachenfels mountains, overlooking the picturesque Rhine River. I reached this castle easily by train as it has its own stop in Königswinter.