Hiking in Hamburg: 12 Best Trails Nearby

Updated on January 16, 2024  

hiking in hamburg

Hiking in Hamburg offers a refreshing escape from urban life, inviting nature enthusiasts to explore the city's green spaces. With an array of trails and parks, the experience of hiking in Hamburg provides a perfect blend of outdoor activity and city life.

Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just looking for a leisurely stroll, Hamburg's diverse landscapes cater to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts.

12 Best Hiking Trails in (and Near) Hamburg

Außenalster Loop

Picture yourself strolling along the Außenalster Loop, where the sight of Hamburg's skyline meets the calm ripples of Alster Lake. It's like walking in a postcard - water on one side, city views on the other - except you can actually hear birds and feel gentle breezes.

alster lake hamburg

This 4.6-mile trail isn't just a walk in the park; it shows off some of Hamburg’s finest angles without making your legs scream for a break. Easy terrain means everyone from little kids to seasoned hikers can enjoy the path.

You'll find more than just pretty views here: there’s that sense of pride when you realize you're trekking one of Hamburg's top outdoor spots with sheer ease.

The loop wraps around both Outer and Inner Alster, offering up panoramas so stunning they could make your Instagram followers green with envy – all without having to climb a single hill!

And if that doesn’t sound like an ideal way to spend an afternoon hiking in Hamburg, well... let's just say your sofa must be real comfy.

Winterhude City Park

Think you can't find a quiet spot in the busy city? Guess again!

Winterhude City Park invites you on a 3.1-mile loop that feels like a short holiday from the hustle and bustle. You'll walk past trees, meadows, and lakes, where ducks probably have more gossip to share than your neighbors.

The path is so easy even your grandma could join for a hike without breaking a sweat—it just takes about an hour.

And hey, if walking makes you hungry or if you're in the mood to party with friends, this park's got spots perfect for barbecues.

Just imagine sizzling burgers under open skies – not too shabby for an afternoon in Hamburg!

Durch den Öjendorfer Park

You might fancy a stroll in Öjendorfer Park, and why not? It's the third biggest park in Hamburg

Picture this: you're walking on a 2.7-mile loop trail, nothing too tough, just an easy hike with plenty of sweet spots to catch your breath.

Trees rustle above as you pass by calm lakes—maybe throw out a picnic blanket or watch kids zip around on ponies.

There's more than just walking here; it’s like nature threw a party and everyone's invited.


Biking paths crisscross the place, so bring your wheels if that's your thing. And getting there is no big puzzle—it’s super close to Hamburg city center.

Just think—you could be cozied up at home one minute and the next, bam! You’re lost among birds singing and wildflowers nodding hello along Öjendorfer Park trails.

From St. Pauli to Planten un Blomen

Walking from St. Pauli to Planten un Blomen is like taking a magic carpet ride, but with your feet on the ground!

Picture this: You're strolling through the streets with cool vibes from St.Pauli, then—bam!—you end up in the lush green wonderland of Planten un Blomen.

It’s only 3.8 miles and takes about as long as watching an episode of your favorite show.

Imagine walking by the Elbe River, city buildings playing peek-a-boo between trees while you munch on a sandwich; that's what you get here.

The trail wraps around Hamburg's botanical garden, where each step brings something new—a flower you've never seen before or maybe just a really comfy bench calling for a sit-down break.

Forget needing super-strong hiking boots or a map that looks like advanced origami; this easy hike is all smooth sailing—or should we say walking?.

Eichbaumsee Loop

Get your feet ready for a breezy adventure around Eichbaumsee Loop. This 2.8-kilometer trail wraps snugly around a serene lake, tucked away in the Allermöhe district. You'll crunch on leaves and maybe spot a duck or two as you stroll.

The path is flat – no huffing up hills here! It suits everyone, whether it's your first hike or you're practically a walking stick.


Eichbaumsee shows off pretty water views and forests that seem straight out of a storybook. And best thing? It only takes about 38 minutes to loop around, so you could still catch that cartoon marathon later.

Hike this easy trail and let your worries float away like balloons into the sky – just keep an eye out so you don't trip over joy!

Boberger Niederung mit Boberger Dünen

You won't believe how cool it is to hike through the Boberger Niederung mit Boberger Dünen.

Imagine this: you're walking on a path, and suddenly you see huge piles of sand—like mini-deserts right in the middle of Hamburg! These are the famous Boberger Dunes, and they're pretty much a big sandbox for grown-ups.

Boberger Dunes

The trail here is about 3.9 miles long, but it's super easy so your legs won't get too tired.

This place has got it all – forests that make you feel like an explorer, wide open spaces where the sky seems bigger than usual, and paths that twist and turn just enough to keep things interesting.

It takes around 1 hour and 19 minutes to do the whole loop, but hey, there's no rush. Take your time; maybe pretend you're on a desert adventure without leaving Hamburg’s backyard!

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Vom Nordmarkteich zum Kupferteich

Put on your walking shoes for a lovely stroll from Nordmarkteich to Kupferteich!

This trail is just 2.9 miles of easy walking. People say it's like taking a nature bath without getting wet—just soaking up the sights and sounds of forests hugging the water's edge.

A walk here isn't just any old trek—it's a chance to spend quality time with family, friends, or even your own thoughts. Expect to breeze through in about an hour, give or take how many times you stop to 'ooh' and 'ahh' at the views.

The path is friendly for all ages; little legs can manage this hike as smoothly as big ones. Think picnics, ducks gliding by on the lakes, and maybe spotting a rabbit if you're lucky!

Schwarze Berge ab Hausbruch

You'll need your hiking boots and a sense of adventure for the Schwarze Berge ab Hausbruch trail. This 5.7-mile loop isn't just a walk in the park—it's more like a dance through nature with some spicy steps thrown in to keep it interesting.

Expect to spend about 2 hours and 23 minutes surrounded by green.

Picture this: You're weaving through hills, catching glimpses of Hamburg from up high. The Elbe River winks at you from afar as if cheering you on.


It's kind of like being on stage, only your audience is birds, bugs, and maybe a few fellow hikers giving you nods of "nice move" as they pass by.

Sure, it might test your legs a bit—but hey, that's what those post-hike snacks are for!

Nördliche Boberger Niederung

Imagine walking through a painting, but the colors are real and the sounds aren't just in your head. That's Nördliche Boberger Niederung for you—a 4.1-mile loop trail that feels like an artist splashed greens and blues with every step you take.

This trek is perfect if you're after a quick escape into nature that doesn’t ask too much of your legs.

You can wander among orchid meadows—a sight not often met on a day hike—while sand dunes play hide and seek with your path.